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The Illinois Association of Air and Critical Care Transport consists of critical care medical transport  providers which utilize ground, rotor-wing and/or fixed wing as a mode of  patient transportation and operate within the State of Illinois.  

Mission Statement

The association shall promote and enhance safety, education and communication in critical care air and ground medical transport within the State of Illinois. 


  • To provide a mechanism for the exchange of information between programs to facilitate mechanical and operation education. 
  • To provide a unified voice in the representation of the industry and its interests and concerns to the Illinois Department of Public Health, Illinois Department of Transportation and legislators in the State of Illinois on issues affecting medical transport of the critically ill and injured.  
  • To develop common elements of operational, dispatch, and communication standards for the purpose of clarity and consistency throughout the regional EMS systems, law enforcement, and health care agencies.  
  • To develop a coordinated air medical response to multiple casualty incidents.  

Helipad Safety/Hazard Notices

Submit Helipad Construction, Safety Hazard Notices

Please submit your construction notice or helipad hazard for distribution.  Your submission will be reviewed and distributed to the IAACCT Membership.  Notices will also be posted on www.weatherturndown.com.

Hospital Helipad Safety Video

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